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Army Cadet Force

The Army Cadet Force (ACF) has around 41,000 cadets and 9,500 adults in 1,600 detachments across the UK. If you’re aged 12-18 and are looking for fun, friendship, action and adventure, the Army Cadets is hard to beat.

As an Army Cadet we’ll challenge you to learn more, do more and try more. Join us and you’ll be spending your spare time taking part in adventurous activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, archery and abseiling and, if you’re keen on sport, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take part in competitions at all levels.  

OK, so you might end up a little wet and muddy, but wouldn’t you prefer to have the time of your life with some great new mates than sitting at home with your computer?

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What We Do

What We Do

  • All kinds of adventurous training opportunities
  • Camps
  • Competitions
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Expeditions
  • Fieldcraft
  • First Aid
  • International exchanges
  • Music
  • Navigation
  • Qualifications
  • Radio  communications
  • Shooting
  • Sport

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"To be honest it’s the best thing I've ever done! You meet so many friends, get to do a lot of things that you wouldn't normally do, learn things that can help you in the future. Most of all it gives you a confidence boost!"

Army Cadet, aged 16